Is ABW for you?

What began in 2014 as a hair-brained idea between Andrea Wilde and myself, Clair, has turned into a fabulous community of women who are inspiring each other daily. 

Our closed FB group is the hub of our activity, it's where the true online networking is. Where our members share their knowledge ask for advice and keep up to date on the ever changing landscapes of social media platforms, on which many of us base our businesses.

As times change, so does the group, as I am a newly qualified Energy Alignment Mentor you will see me bring this into my live videos to help you take aligned actions, find your soul clients and maximise your business opportunities on your terms!

ABW is for you if:

- you are a self-employed business woman

- you love being surrounded by positivity

- you are open to sharing highs and lows

- you want a safe place away from salesy people

- you want support from like-minded women

- you want access to tools that will help your business grow

You can trial our FB group before you become a member too - click here



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