5 Reasons why your positive mindset alone won’t help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

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7th January, 2019

Today is the day 90% of the nation returns to work – I’ve made that statistic up, but it seems that way in my world. It should probably be called the bluest Monday of the year, yet there’s an atmosphere amongst us that this is the beginning of everything we want to achieve in our lives.

January represents new beginnings, new starts and implementing the changes we have been striving for since the year before, and maybe the year before that! All of these create a sense of positivity, a feeling of potential, the wonder of what’s to come.  We set our intentions, our goals, we lay out our dreams, we create the vision boards full of the materialist ‘things’ we want in life, throw in a few numbers which look like a good income and boom we have our year planned. Now what? Why don’t we actually achieve?

  1. We tell ourselves that we will stick to our new plan, we wake up early, we say our daily affirmations. We are set up for the day and then boom, we encounter someone else who takes us off track. That could be a phone call which interrupts our day, it could be a family member having a tough day which takes you away from your schedule – distractions aren’t a sign of a mindset which has failed you, they are a sign that you haven’t created your boundaries.
  2. We know what we want, we more than likely know how to achieve our goals and dreams. Our mindset is focussed on the end goal and the emotions we will feel when we achieve them. But what we lack is staying power! And this is the same reason we have multiple resolutions each year, because we know we have a pattern of straying away from the focussed path we could be on. Why? Because these patterns have been created in your energy and you don’t know how to free yourself from them.
  3. You aren’t connected to the goal! Your brain has told you that this seems like a good goal to aim for however, if the goal isn’t going to change one area of your life for the better then the chances are that you will be giving up on it within the first 3 months of the year. What’s the point in creating an intention or goal if it doesn’t stretch you, if it doesn’t make you a little bit scared because the feeling you’ll get when you achieve it will be so freaking amazing? Is it time to re-assess your goals?
  4. Your goal isn’t actually part of your bigger vision. And your vision doesn’t come from your positive mindset, your vision is already within you, you just haven’t accessed it yet. Once you have clarity on your life’s purpose and your passions and have delved into the deepest parts of you, the parts the brain doesn’t have access to, your vision will become clear and your goals and intentions will fall easily into place.
  5. Your actions don’t form any part of your bigger plan! Every goal should come with a clear instruction pack on how you are going to accomplish it. By that I mean you should have a clear, defined list of mini-goals that you need to work your way through to get to you bigger goal. Financial targets, weight loss targets, word counts for book writing, they all need breaking down. If you have time to sit and watch a box set (guilty as charged here) then you have time to be working on your goals. Each goal needs clear, aligned actions which will take you on the path to success.

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