6 Steps to Staying on Course When You Feel Like Giving Up

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21st January, 2017

Do you ever feel frustrated by your progress?

Do you end up comparing yourself to others who seem to be more successful than you?

Do you get overwhelmed by the different hats you have to wear whilst running your business?

Do you ever feel like just giving up?

I know I certainly have those moments when I feel like nothing is going my way and I wonder whether I should just quit.

In business, things don’t always go your way. Not every networking meeting will bear fruits. Clients cancel appointments. People don’t buy what you’re offering. You sit down to write your blog and your mind goes blank. You feel tired and exhausted. You lose heart. Your ‘to do list’ never seems to end and you start to question whether it’s all worth it.

If you can relate to the above, you certainly aren’t alone. The following 6 steps will keep you on course, especially when you feel like giving in the most.

Step 1: Get clear on your ‘Why?’

Simon Sinek said “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. Very few people know ‘WHY’ they do what they do. Most people know “WHAT” (the products you sell or services you offer) they do and “HOW” (the things you do that make you different or set you apart from your competition) they do it, however not everyone is clear on their “WHY”?

The ‘WHY’ is a purpose, a calling, a mission or belief. In business when you hit the stormy weather, and you will, you need to be able to adjust your sails, so you don’t get blown off course. Your ‘WHY’ is what is going to keep you moving, especially when you feel like giving up. Your ‘WHY’ provides the focus, clarity and motivation to keep you on your path no matter how bad the storm gets. It’s your one truth that underpins your decisions on a day to day basis, keeps you inspired and anchored to your deepest calling.

Step 2: Take Consistent Action.

Get clear on your goals and then focus on creating a schedule for how you will achieve that goal by taking consistent action. For example, if you want to write a weekly blog then you must schedule in a time in your diary on a weekly basis to write. Yes, there are going to times when you don’t feel like it. However, if you only complete tasks when you feel motivated, you will not make the progress or have the desired impact. If you don’t feel like you are moving forward take an honest review of your actions. Are they consistent and are they aligned to your goals?

Step 3: Build resilience

The more resilient you are, the faster you are likely to bounce back from challenging situations and recoup. Building resilience means you have greater capacity to maintain your composure when challenged, make better decisions and be more adaptable.

Become aware of the activities that emotionally drain you. Emotions such as worry, frustrations, sadness, resentment, guilt and insecurity can deplete your energy levels more than having one big outburst. Make time to renew your energy levels by scheduling in self-care activities into your diary, and make it non- negotiable.

Step 4: Stop Comparing

When things aren’t going your way, you tend to compare yourself with someone you may perceive as being more successful. You generally don’t have the whole picture and what the other person outwardly presents may not truly represent their inner struggles, worries, anxieties and insecurities.

Use your energy to focus on your own potential and what you need to do to keep yourself motivated.

Step 5: Replace Self Criticism

It’s easy to become self-critical when you become disappointed with what you did or didn’t do and is likely to be a self programmed habit. When you are being self critical you tend to reinforce self sabotaging behaviour. It will not serve you and limit your progress even further.

Become conscious of when you are being self critical and replace your inner dialogue with kind positive messages that nurture you, support you to grow and learn. After all, what would you say to your best friend if she was in your shoes?

Step 6: Reach Out

It’s so important to surround yourself with a strong network of friends and supporters who have your best interests at heart. Sometimes, just getting a different perspective, another opinion or the opportunity to get something off your chest can make the world of difference. You don’t have to deal with everything alone. After all isn’t that one of the reasons that we join amazing networking groups like Aspiring Business Women.

Over To You

I would love to hear, how you keep yourself on track. Leave a comment below.



About Daksha Patel

I work with individuals, teams and organisations to align mindset with business goals, increase resilience and decrease stress so that you can effectively achieve the results you want. Driven by a real passion for working with people to change habits and behaviours I use practices based on neuroscience to demonstrate new ways of working.

I am a certified HeartMath Coach and Neuro Change Solutions Consultant. You can find more information at www.your-mind-at-work.com

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