How Do You Do It?

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29th January, 2017
  • Blog written by Emma Louise Berry

    Blog written by Emma Louise Berry

A few weeks ago, I bumped into a neighbour of mine, someone who I often see and chat to, in fleeting moments between pre-school runs and college, running between clients and, somewhere in there, trying to gain a sense of that all-too-famous myth ‘work/life balance’.  As I was lugging a piece of unwanted furniture out to the self-proclaimed skip, a mausoleum of unwanted IKEA furniture built up by local residents, she asked me how I did it.  I barely knew how to answer.

In September 2016, I celebrated my first year in business as a Make Up Artist.  In fact, I celebrated a year running two businesses – I’m a writer of gothic fiction also, though this has somewhat taken a backseat due to the growth and study required in my ‘main job’.  My first year in business was tough, an eye-opener and nothing like the ‘flirting’ with business-owning that I had toyed with way back in 2012.  I somehow managed to build the foundations for a business, whilst knuckling down at college to gain my Level 3 Diploma and all whilst running a home and being a single mum to a now-not-so-tiny almost four-year-old.  And, much like all the lovely female business owners I have had the pleasure of networking with through Aspiring Business Women, I am often baffled at how we do it all, at all!  I got to thinking about what drives us, as creative women, as business owners and as people who will most probably be answering emails at midnight and motivating ourselves to get up at 5 am.  Now in my second year of business, I am working harder, still studying – having added the prestigious ‘Hair’ to the ‘Make Up Artist’ title, working for The Little Vintage Beauty Parlour in my DREAM job and still working my way up in the world of Authors, life seems all the more chaotic, harder and yet, still beautiful….here’s a little of how we do it and why we do it…

Remember Why You Started

There are times we all feel like giving up, I’m still a newbie in the business running stakes, but I believe that the lows will always come with the ever-growing highs.  A good mentor once told me ‘When you feel like giving up, remember why you started.’  A simple factor, really, but whenever I pause to think about the creative freedom I am allowing myself, the time freedom (to an extent) that means I have been able to watch my little girl grow up, the ability to explore my own limits as an artist, to delve into an industry that I have always had a passion for, long before I had any kind of self-belief to pursue my dreams.  The hours can be long, the knockbacks all too frequent, at times, but the positives are there, namely that we have the desire and the balls to go it alone.

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