Sticks and Stones Can Build A Business

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6th December, 2016

Sticks and Stones can build a business

There I am aged 12, stood in the gym at our schools’ annual Christmas Country dancing afternoon...yes you heard right bizarre eh? It’s the usual scenario of girls one side and boys the other in which the popular Lotharios get to strut their confidence and choose their bottle green clad damsel in a pencil skirt.

I was usually one of the stragglers at the end, awkwardly looking at her shoes whilst the remaining boys chose with equal embarrassment; you know the usual mean road to adulthood. 

Everyone got to dance with everyone else as you’re passed from pillar to post and get to swing around and do the ‘dosey- doh’ and so on.. it beat sitting in lessons on a Friday afternoon!

Well, towards the end of the afternoon I moved onto partner with the next lad, aka Mr Popularity who quite loudly joked to his mates, whilst the teacher was pratting around with the stereo system,  that it would be best not to get too close( to me) in case they caught and I quote “ugly disease”.  I remember feeling an inner burn; something had fizzled inside me.. the remnants of my self-confidence, and as you well know, there isn’t much to go around in teenage-dom.

The rest of the remaining hour felt like an eternity and I wanted to go home and shrivel up into a ball as fast as possible.   Needless to say, after that I felt different for some good ooh 18 years and acne, boyfriends and body changes didn’t help either.  I think it would be fair to say that I “fell out with myself”, didn’t like me as it were, felt pretty well “flawed” somehow.  One stupid comment from one moron took my spark! My arch nemesis  ‘the negative belief’  was born. Boom!  By the way, he still is a moron only bigger.

As with most of us, life deals you a few shitty hands that seem to mark, but yet  we are also delivered great stuff with the other and yet we don’t seem to relish them as much, you know like your first love, trying new things and feeling accomplished at something.  Instead, we hang onto the negative, the poisonous things that bury themselves into our very core and stop us becoming truly happy or doing/being…you know ‘that thing’ we’re supposed to do or be.  We all have it we just sometimes choose to ignore it because of fear of failure.

So you know what, out of nowhere, at the age of 35, I decided one morning that I was not going to return to Civil Engineering and I was going to do something about me for me, but what?!

 I was still on maternity leave with my second child and I was drowning in nappies, housework and monotony.  A time that I now see, gave me joy partnered with true reflection.  I needed to start listening to those crappy voices and tell them to shut the hell up and sit down. 

So to cut a long story short I realised that my future had always been there, sitting right under my nose, but had not really seen it or even looked for it.

 I loved colour, loved fashion, loved people and how they ticked (I have a BA Hons in Applied Social Science) so I was going to learn how to build confidence through learning how to like me and my body again and give it the bloomin respect it so deserved! Well-fitting clothes, my own style, flattering colours and love for just being me were my agenda. That way I could pass it on to others whom I know shared the same feelings about themselves and they too would be able to do something about it.

I qualified via First Impressions in Warwick, first as just a Colour Consultant and then later on as a fully- fledged Image Consultant, I then went onto set up The Image Tree back in 2013. I built my own website, went on fab courses and learned to Blog, use Social Media and get myself out there and join networking groups, the first being Aspiring Business Women. Woohoo. 

Through listening, acting on and meeting fabulous people, I now sit on the Style Guru team at Henpicked, been on BBC radio several times, worked with many local businesses and won awards.

 I have also added NLP to my skillset so that I can provide a Coaching string to aid Positive Mind-set further and provide the whole top to toe inside and out services to any woman who wants to start their Style and Confidence journey.

My business is certainly not a shallow, materialistic based service, which those not in the know think, but one that educates and delivers you and your confidence back to you on a plate, with a side order of ‘Love’.  That’s just the catalyst that starts the ball rolling and hopefully sparks other things.

My personal experience combined with my learnings, new friends, new Aspiring Business Women and social media in general has become ingrained in me for the positive and continues to do so.

So the moral of my business story, for you or anyone else out there who has a business, an idea or inkling...look inside first, listen to your inner voice and start loving the shit out of yourself.  

If you haven’t yet, do it, its ok and it isn’t narcissistic at all, no one even needs to know you give yourself a hug at night or look in the mirror and give a cheeky wink.  “Small tweaks tailor transformations”. Cherish the positive stuff about you and try to brush the self-sabotaging stuff aside, a bit at a time. Your beliefs are just beliefs and aren’t even fact, so don’t let them rule you.

Just trust me when I tell you that when you start, it’s a catalyst for your journey whether it be in business, spiritual or personal life in general. It really can’t hurt can it?

Sara xx

The Image Tree

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