• Turn your Passion into a Profitable Dream Business!!

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    • Fri, 24/03/2017 - 10:00 - 12:30


    • Parklands Connexions


    • Stanhope Street Long Eaton NG10 4QN

    We are very excited to present you with our fabulous speaker Michele Walsh, otherwise known as Ms Money Maker. A couple of year's ago we were lucky enough to hear Michele speak for just an hour, this time we have booked her for a full session.

    More Profits in Your Business
    Turn your Passion into Your Profitable Dream Business

    As a female entrepreneur being in business can often seem a lonely place with struggle and challenges with little profit. 

    Does this sound familiar?
    Being brilliant at what you do and knowing that people need what
    you do is only half the story. Actually you may not even believe or 
    realise you are a female entrepreneur. 

    Belief, confidence and success mindset are the keys to more profits
    in your business.
    Do you sometimes find yourself asking......

    * Am I good enough?
    * Will people pay me what I'm worth?
    * People can't afford what I offer?
    * I don't know what to focus on first*
    * I never knew getting clients would be so difficult

    Being in business doesn't have to be this way. 
    I am Michele Walsh, author of The Big Shift and a Success Coach.

    Over the past 10 years I have helped 100's of women in business just
    like you to change their business beyond their wildest dreams.

    * Lisa not only attracted 73 new clients in just 5 months and opened her own therapy centre in just 2 years.
    * Karen doubled her income in 5 weeks* Noelle generated £11,500 extra income in 2 days 
    * Audrey generated and extra £3000 in just 8 days

    Spend the morning with Michelle and she will share her top secrets, tips and techniques that she normally keeps for her VIP clients that will help
    you see where the profit is in your business.

    She will share with you......

    * The success mindset you need for growing your business
    * How to get clarity in your business
    * How to super focus for accelerated results
    * How to increase your confidence and your bank balance
    * The success mindset you need for growing your business

    You will leave feeling inspired, motivated and a woman on a mission
    to achieve all your hopes and dreams.

    There are going to be limited places so that she can give you the attention
    you deserve

    If you don't have the business of your dreams yet, you have to be there.

    When opportunity knocks be ready to open the door!

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  • NOTTS Helping Yourself Through Challenges & Change

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    • Wed, 29/03/2017 - 19:00 - 20:00


    • Canal House


    • Canal Street Nottingham

    “Change is the only constant in life” is particularly true for a startup business, sole trader, small business owner or someone looking to move jobs.

    Some of the changes you go through, and the challenges you face, will be positive and some will be negative. You may not have a choice about what’s happening to you, but you do have a choice as to how you react and how you approach the changes and challenges.

    This workshop will help you to start to look at the challenges you’re dealing with and the changes you’re going through in a different way.

    The workshop will cover:
    1. Understanding the drivers for your challenge or change 
    2. Defining your vision and setting your direction
    3. Mindset, attitude and getting the most out of the opportunity
    4. Planning your approach

    The session is run by Andrew Deighton from AWD Development Solutions and Nicky Yassin from Invisible Orchard Coaching. Their workshops are practical and interactive and you’ll take away some tools and ideas that you can use immediately.

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  • Chilled Networking Catch Up - NOTTS

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    • Mon, 03/04/2017 - 11:00 - 12:00


    • Poppy and Pint


    • Pierrepont Road Nottingham

    Does what it says on the label - come and catch up with each other, bring little ones if you wish, but always come with a purpose - even if that purpose is to get away from work for an hour. Look forward to seeing you there.

  • DERBY - Brunch Up!

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    • Wed, 12/04/2017 - 09:30 - 11:00


    • Olivers


    • Derby

    Monthly get together of inspirational and motivated women in business. 

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