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Which membership suit's you needs best? There are 4 membership options for you to choose from, to suit your budget


The perfect membership for the committed and business savvy lady. This popular membership plan offers;

  • Access to our thriving online Facebook forum, where networking and business support happen 24/7, with over 200 members inspiring, motivating and encouraging each other.

  • Discounted events

  • Discounted online training

  • Your business listed on our website directory - password protected for your security and to keep the spammers at bay.

  • A VIP invitation to our ABW FB Member Events page - add all of your business events and share others

  • In a commerce industry?  Jump on our season selling FB page, it’s all about exposure

  • Not a FB fan?  Don’t worry, we will support you on all of your social media platforms

  • Prefer to learn in the comfort of your own home? We have training videos locked and loaded in our membership site ready for you to watch

BASIC MEMBERSHIP PLUS £8.99 A MONTH (purse friendly option)

  • All the basic membership perks but the flexibility of it being a monthly payment for the year

PLATINUM - £288 per year 

The perfect membership for the business woman who knows a good thing when she see’s it!  No matter where you are in the world, you will get the best of the Basic membership plus a cherry on the top!  

  • All of the above


  • THREE MONTHS advertising on the Aspiring Business Women website

  • FREE Meetings in all area's (unless specialised events)

  • Platinum style business promotion for your business - using Instagram and Twitter!

  • A monthly coaching / training call with Clair to motivate and inspire you personally and in your business, including some magical woo-woo too!

There is also a MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTION for the Platinum membership which is £28

Is an Aspiring Business Women membership right for you?

As a group, our community of members welcome all women in business.  Newly self-employed or have you been working for yourself for years? Worried that there is already someone from your industry in the group? We don't believe in competing with others and within ABW our members acknowledge that they can learn from others, share their experiences and words of wisdom, safe in the knowledge that their ABW peers respect the ups and downs we all experience in business.

There aren't any Aspiring Business Women events in my area …..

If you already love what you see in ABW and have a passion for supporting others, perhaps you might be interested in holding meetings in your own area? If so, we would love to connect with you to discuss the potential benefits of becoming an ABW Group Leader, contact us here.


*** on filling out our membership form you agree that your information will be uploaded onto our website member's directory. Your details will not be shared elsewhere

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