• 40 Questions to Spark Engagement

  • The TableCloth Test

    The tablecloth test – when is it time to seek advice for your business?

    Setting up a business

    I’m a partner in a new business, Elia. We work with small producers in Greece to bring high-quality Greek foods to the UK. The business idea belongs to my friend and business partner Angeliki Karagounis, who is Greek British. It’s all about sharing the flavours of Greece, and products you can’t easily find in the UK, whilst supporting other small businesses.

  • How Do You Do It?

    A few weeks ago, I bumped into a neighbour of mine, someone who I often see and chat to, in fleeting moments between pre-school runs and college, running between clients and, somewhere in there, trying to gain a sense of that all-too-famous myth ‘work/life balance’.  As I was lugging a piece of unwanted furniture out to the self-proclaimed skip, a mausoleum of unwanted IKEA furniture built up by local residents, she asked me how I did it.  I barely knew how to answer.

  • 6 Steps to Staying on Course When You Feel Like Giving Up

    Do you ever feel frustrated by your progress?

    Do you end up comparing yourself to others who seem to be more successful than you?

    Do you get overwhelmed by the different hats you have to wear whilst running your business?

    Do you ever feel like just giving up?

    I know I certainly have those moments when I feel like nothing is going my way and I wonder whether I should just quit.

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