4 Traits of an Aspiring Business Women

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12th October, 2016


Quite often we have guests who say, "I don't think I am an Aspiring Business Woman." Or, "I don't know what I can give to the group." Or, "I don't think I am going to be able to contribute anything actually." We say, "What a load of rubbish."

Having thoroughly studied our members over the last couple of years, we’ve identified Four traits we believe that every Aspiring Business Woman possesses. The first one is kind of obvious, we like you to be a lady. Well not necessarily a lady, but a woman. We are not always perfectly polite (that wouldn’t be natural!), but we are not rude, but calling us ladies sounds quite posh. In all seriousness, if you are of the female variety, then you are more than welcome, and that you are in business of some kind. It doesn't matter what kind of business. The reason we built ABW is because being self-employed can be lonely at times. Working alone in your office. Day after day. Sometimes you don't get to meet other people. If you are a woman in business, then you are more than welcome in any of our groups.

Trait number two, we would like you to be passionate. We like to be passionate about what you do, because if you are not passionate about what you do, how are you going to sell yourself? How are you going to sell your business? How are you going to promote yourself and your business to other people in the group? The more passionate you are, the more people want to learn more about what you do, and more about your business. That will then lead on to potential clients, and referrals to other people. Being passionate, which I hope it comes across that Andrea and I are about ABW, it's what makes your business works for you. You are your business at the end of the day, aren't you? I hope you agree.

Number three, you have to have a willingness for lots of things. You have to have a willingness to share, so share top tips. Share ideas. You have to have a willingness to learn. Learning from others, we share our highs, and we share our lows in ABW. We would encourage you to do the same because business isn't always rosy.

In ABW we are in no doubt, at all, that we all have low days, and we all have high days. Willingness to share those highs and those lows with other people, and not be afraid to admit it either because we all have them. And a willingness to go out. Push yourself. Push yourself out of that comfort zone that we often get stuck in. We are all guilty of it, aren't we? "This works for me." Yeah, but if you just push yourself that little bit further, something else might happen. The opportunities that happen when you push yourself that little bit further can be immense. Having the willingness to share, to learn, and to push yourself, will make you a great aspiring business woman.

Then the fourth trait that we have identified with our members out there, is that they know that it is not all about sales. That is what makes ABW a little bit different. We are not one of these groups where people just post “This is my business. This is the promotion I am doing. This is the offer I have got on this week”. There is more to business than sales at the end of the day. There are customer relationships. There is just everything. Marketing. If you do want to be an aspiring businesswoman, the one thing we ask is that you don't come in and be really sales-y. It puts people off.

We have had people come into the group before, and rather than introduce themselves to our members. They come in, and they will post this is my business. Isn't it great? Come buy from me. You can almost see the tumbleweed on the news feed, because nobody interacts with people who come into our group and do that. Because people who have been there, watching, and learning know that that's not going to happen. My favourite phrase at the moment, I guess it's the motto of the week for me, is, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak." I was talking to Andrea about this the other night. By that, I mean you give people bits of your business. Don't give them everything. Attraction marketing, is where it’s at. Don't be a tumbleweed thrower!

You are telling people little bits about you. You are planting the seeds. You are encouraging them to come to you. You are keeping in the forefront of their mind. You encourage them to come to you when they are ready. Then you don't feel like you've done any sales at all.

So there you have it, the 4 traits of an Aspiring Business Woman are: You've got to be passionate. You've got to be a woman in business. You have got to have a willingness to learn, and not be sales-y.

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