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12th November, 2016

Hi, My name is Katherine Bellchambers and I’m a medical herbalist. This means I’m trained and have years of experience in diagnosing and treating health complaints and as a result of my experiences I have chosen to specialise in helping women to balance their hormones at any time of life but specifically I help women and couples get pregnant and I love helping women deal with menopause problems naturally!

Because I am my product I can't simply put me on an advert with a buy here button. Well I could, but there’s only one of me and there is a fair bit of information I need about a patient before I can advise them how many sessions they’ll need and even whether I am the right health professional for them. So it is essential that people know who and what I am and what I can do so they can get in touch for that all important first conversation.

I was lucky to meet another health professional the lovely Linda Booth. I was on the radio talking about a Christmas pop up shop and she heard me and got in touch to see whether I’d like to work with her. We hit it off immediately and we’ve been connected ever since. We were having a cuppa one day and she said “do you you do networking?” and I honestly said I didn’t really know what networking was. And its true. I didn’t. I’d been ambling around turning up at my rented rooms and hoping people would find me because they needed my services. It simply didn’t register that I wasn’t doing enough to help people understand what my services were.

To cut a longish story short she said “You need to join ABW. It’s inexpensive, it’s friendly and it’s in your neck of the woods” And she was right. Andrea and Clair added me for a trial period. I think I got away with nearly a month at the time because it was in the middle of the summer holidays but it became abundantly clear that I needed to be a member.

The first thing I noticed was that the Facebook group was really active. Women from all over Nottingham and other parts of the East Midlands were getting online and supporting each other. They were offering support, telling their stories and helping each other to find the services they needed. That was over 2 years ago. In that time I’ve used the services of many of the women on that group. My accountant, my designer, my facialist, my co authors on a published book on the menopause are all people I met through Aspiring Business Women. I also met Nadine and Deborah from Henpicked who I write for regularly and who published the menopause book and via Henpicked I met Michele my Business coach who has seen me increasing my business performance my 500% in just over a year.

And, most importantly I have been able to share what I do, and how I do it, with hundreds of women in the midlands. I value confidentiality very highly so I’m not telling anyone how many people I’ve seen but suffice to say I know that through ABW people have learned what I do and have learned to trust my professional skills and judgment. Because ABW doesn’t operate an exclusion policy, everyone is welcome. As a result I have also met lots of lovely therapists of all kinds which means I can refer my own patients with confidence and I can talk to other women who share my particular struggles as a health practitioner.

I can honestly say I would not have made the connections I have without this wonderful, ever growing group of businesswomen and Andrea Wilde and Clair Carrington who gently keep us together and keep us on track. They do so much more putting on events and business training to increase our skills.


Networking can be daunting but because this is such a gentle environment you can do it at your own pace and it suddenly just seems like you have an awful lot more friends.

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